We Are Stronger Together

Support, uplift and celebrate each other.

Sistahs in Dentistry (SID) is an association of black women dentists where black women come together to support, uplift and celebrate each other. We recognize that as double minorities in the field, we share unique experiences and through those experiences we are made stronger.

Our membership offers mentorship and an education program for black women who are interested in dentistry. Membership also has perks like negotiated service and equipment deals, and access to resources to help you accelerate your personal and professional growth.

We are a community that encourages and supports each other and celebrates each other’s successes. We know that when black female dentists unite and succeed together, we are able to help each other experience greater successes in life and business, which also positions us to give back in greater ways to the communities that we live, work, play, and worship in.

Join the movement of black female dentists by becoming a part of a group that will help you succeed as we rise together. The more that we stand together, the more we can help each other in life and business.

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Our Founder

Sharel S. Sly, DDS

In 2017 Dr. Sly created an organization, Sistahs in Dentistry, that is to serve as a sisterhood for black women who practice as double minorities in dentistry. It is a community where women uplift, support and encourage each other through some of the challenges of dentistry and life. The group is a network of over 3200 members and has been a useful resource for practicing dentists as well as dental students soon to embark upon the wonderful field of dentistry.

For Dr. Sly, it was important that students had the guidance before leaving school so that they are much better prepared to practice dentistry. The organization ABWD’s Sistahs in Dentistry is evolving and is a part of the parent organization, started by Dr. Sly, the Association of Black Women Dentists (ABWD). Dr. Sly is happy to see black female dentists connecting via social meetups, continuing education events, charitable events, mentorship programs, national conferences and networking.